Be sure to recycle your glass and plastic

At Waterspring, we supply clients with promotional bottled water for various needs. Our customised labels are eye-catching and can include plenty of information. Why not use them for events such as baby showers and weddings? Our team will always make the labels to your exact specifications.

Why You Should Recycle

More and more people over the years are thinking about the environment. A good example of this is the 5p bag charge to get people to reuse bags instead of buying new ones every time. Scientists have found that this has worked, reducing the amount of plastic found in the ocean. Some supermarkets are now considering no longer selling plastic bags at all, instead only offering environmentally friendly ones.

This is why you also need to recycle your plastic and glass bottles. Recycling products results in fewer emissions by reducing the number of new products that need to be made. It also makes use of existing materials that would take a very long time to break down.

There should be information on your items to tell you if you can recycle them. If not, there should be symbols to explain what type of material it is. A quick internet search will inform you of the differences between them. This will tell you if the material is recyclable or not. If you have any worries about what you can recycle, you can always check with your local council or recycling centre.

Our Bottles

Our bottles are either made out of glass or premium PET plastic which is 100% BPA free. Both of these are completely recyclable. At Waterspring, we enjoy being environmentally friendly. If you would like, you can include symbols on your labels to let people how to recycle them. This way, everyone can help the environment.

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As well as caring for the environment, why not take the chance to promote your business? Our promotional bottled water is a great tool to let more people know about your brand. Contact us today to find out more about our services as well as how we can help you.