Hand out your water at reception and charity functions

Sometimes, you need a bit of extra assistance in attracting your audience. You might not have considered it previously, but branded bottled water may be just the thing for you. We possess years of experience in creating such merchandise. Therefore, if you're thinking about using some in your campaigns, you should let us know.

Business owners must become creative if they wish to promote their establishment effectively. An online presence is one thing, but it's face-to-face interactions where you really communicate with customers. Such situations demand an authentic branding strategy. Giveaways are one of the leading schemes, particularly healthy ones like promotional bottles of water. There are various ways you can use these products, some of which we're going to cover here.

Reception offering

You could use them as reception area amenities. You can make a wonderful impression during the first seconds where a customer enters your premises. If you want to make them feel comfortable and welcome, you'll have to keep your bottles on hand. See to it that your receptionist offers everyone a bottle prior to them sitting down.

Charity events

One of the most relevant ways of reaching out is by providing the bottles at charity walks and runs. They should include details about your business and its logo. You can distribute the bottles for thirsty entrants at a series of hydration outlets. Alternatively, you can give them out at the end to help people cool down. If you want the whole community to know your name, this is one of the best approaches to employ.

At Waterspring, we have produced branded bottled water at our site for the past two decades. The water itself possesses a balance of minerals and has a low sodium count. It has amazed people so much that it has been the recipient of numerous awards in the past.

If our products interest you and you'd like further information, please get in touch.