School open day? Consider private label bottled water

At Waterspring we have a lot of experience in providing private label bottled water for a range of people. The products are perfect for getting your brand out there, working well as a unique feature at an event. Tailoring our service to your specifications is what we're good at. This includes coming up with ideas and solutions perfect for you.

When it comes to school open days, there is a lot of pressure to persuade students and parents to choose you. While many schools will be trying to come up with ways to interest people, try considering labelled bottled water. Set your school apart from the others will this effective marketing tool. You will be promoting yourself as well as a healthy lifestyle. If you want to make a big impact, rely on us.

If you’re still thinking, “Why should I choose bottled water?” take a look at the benefits.

Help The Environment

People can use our bottles again when they finish. This is great for sustainability. In addition, we also make the bottles from recyclable plastic. As a result they can be re-used rather than simply ending up in landfill.


With the introduction of the sugar tax, many people are realising the negative effects of sugary drinks. Therefore, you should showcase that your school cares about looking after the health of children. Parents want to know their kids are drinking plenty of water throughout the day too.

There Are So Many Options

Water doesn't have to be boring. You have the choice of still, sparkling and fruit flavoured. We source straight from a Herefordshire spring, giving you mineral water with great taste.

The lids come in a range of colours, and sports caps are available if you'd prefer them. We can also help you place a detachable magazine on your bottle. You can fill this full of information about the school and what you offer.

If you prefer, you could go for an easy peel label, as we also do reversible printing. This is another easy way to include information.

You're sure to love our range of options for the labels. We let you design something that reflects your school and is interesting to anyone who sees it. Check out our scratch and sniff, fluorescent, colour changing and glow in the dark print options too.

Be sure to order plenty of bottles so you don't run out. If you do have any left over, you can use them for sports events to keep everyone hydrated or put them in reception for visitors to enjoy. You will get a product that looks professional and is perfect for so many uses.

Having your schools logo out there can sway potential students and parents to choose you. When you start planning your school open day, contact us to ensure you receive your product in good time.

At Waterspring, we enjoy giving amazing customer service and satisfaction. Get in touch today, private label bottled water is the best promotional tool you can choose. We are confident you'll quickly see the potential benefits.