The spring has been producing water for over 200 years.

Bottled water has been produced on site for 20 years

The water is crystal clear with a balanced blend of minerals. 

It is low in Sodium and with a very healthy PH of 7.8 is Alkaline, so is better for you than most other bottled waters on sale.

It's sourced deep below protected land and naturally filtered by the Sandstone on its route to us

Our water really does taste amazing and has won awards for its quality

We offer both sparking and still water and we can add natural fruit flavours as well

Our water and bottling plant has reached all the  UK and EU necessary requirements

The shelf life of the water has a minimum of 18 months

An independent laboratory has carried out a detailed test of the water and this is available on request. The water is tested by us daily and sent away every week for analysis.