How to use promotional bottled water best

When someone owns a business, they continuously require creative marketing strategies. In the modern world online may be king, but some face to face methods remain very useful. One successful strategy is through promotional bottled water. It not only quenches people's thirst, but effectively promotes your brand. It's especially beneficial as it's healthy.

What is promotional bottled water?

To answer: a simple, yet effective marketing strategy. The bottle can include your logo, company name and other required information. You can decide what is digitally printed on your label, this includes bold colours. You can be really creative to ensure you stand out from everybody else.

If you are unsure of what to include on your bottles, here's some examples:
- Logo
- Contact number
- Address
- Slogan
- Website address

With this, there are many ways you can use your branded bottled water. One use is placing them in your reception area. If you offer it to any clients that come to visit your location, they will leave with a good impression of your brand. Similarly, at tradeshows the placement of your own branded bottles is clever. Often people who visit such shows become dehydrated, so potential clients will approach your stall if you are offering refreshment. As they grab their drink, this provides you time to gain their attention.

Furthermore, supplying bottled water at company meetings provides better comfort for employees and clients alike. Again, this leaves a good impression about your brand and values on people. Additionally, giving out your own bottled water to runners at charity runs/walks is great promotion. Not only is your brand name gaining publicity, but you are supporting your community also.

If this sounds like something your company wants to enjoy, keep Waterspring in mind. We supply fresh spring water to our clients and apply top quality wraparound labels on site.

If you want to supply your own promotional bottled water, please contact us today. We can cater for orders of varying sizes and always strive to arrange fast delivery.