Promotional water for various events

As a top supplier of private labelled bottled water, we know they are ideal for promotion. Additionally, they are an affordable marketing method for any size business. Whether you are considering a long term investment or one off special event, bottles of water are a good choice.

Where can you use branded bottled water?

- Personal parties.
If you have planned a wedding, birthday party or are expecting a baby, custom bottled water provides a great memoir. Their cost efficiency is ideal, especially knowing its keeping guests hydrated. Not only this, but it makes a great gift because you can make the labels unique.

- For an upcoming event.
If you own a business and are hosting a promotional event, labelled bottled water gives a good impression. In the instance of promoting a new product, you can customise the label to fit with promotion. Keep in mind, you can add your own logo to the label.

- Engage current and future clients.
Whether your business runs in an office or from a shop, private labelled bottled water will engage them. Before your clients leave, giving them a bottle ensures they aren't leaving empty handed. Furthermore, your logo and information leaves with them. They will appreciate the special touch and you'll reap the extra marketing.

- Improve branding.
No matter where you place and use your branded bottled water, they do the work themselves. It not only spreads the name of your company, but promotes a healthy lifestyle; which appeals to many.

- Charity runs.
Water is the one thing that is always needed at charity runs. Supplying your bottled water will keep participants hydrated and healthy. Simultaneously, it will give your business a good image.

If investing in private labelled bottled water appeals to you, contact Waterspring. We fully customise labels to your specifications, and bottle at source to maintain quality.

If you need further information, please contact us today.