Mineral water is better

With tap water so readily available, it's no wonder people forget about branded bottled water. But, this is unfortunate considering the many health benefits it provides. The human body needs minerals for optimum function. Bottled water from clean springs can have a much more beneficial mineral profile. It can also contain fewer contaminants.

The benefits of drinking mineral water

When compared to typical resources from you taps, mineral water contains a better source of your essential minerals. With the fluid from your tap usually contains 10 to 15% of your daily calcium and magnesium requirements. However, with a bottle can contain nearly 4 times the amount. Essentially, by drinking more of this you will feel many health benefits.

How minerals affect our health

- Supports in regulating body fat. The most common minerals provide fast metabolising properties, thus the water is beneficial for burning fat. Additionally, it's the healthier choice if you opt for it over typical sugary drinks.

- Improves bone health. One of the main minerals found in branded bottled water is calcium. Keeping this in mind, the more of it you drink the more is absorbed. In turn this helps improve bone strength.

- Reduces chances of cardiac diseases. The essential minerals help reduce cholesterol. When cholesterol builds up it is deposited in our capillaries and adipose tissues, causing reduced blood flow. If blood circulation is poor, this increases chances of cardiac disease. So ensure you consume enough mineral water to keep bad cholesterol away.

- Helps manage blood pressure. Thankfully, mineral water contains high levels of magnesium and calcium. This is good news as they support electrolyte processes, which maintains a healthy blood pressure.

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