A label to help your business achieve its aims

The wide array of different labelling options makes own label bottled water a tangible marketing tool for businesses. The investment can really pay off, whether the business is looking to stock their premises or want to use the water to sponsor an event. In either case, the products can boost brand awareness substantially.

What type of label do you need?

Labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each can offer a useful amount of space perfect for promoting your brand and also including useful information. It is important to ensure you choose the right product and ensure each label will stand out though.

Standard - The most common type of label is single sided. They are the cheapest to produce but also tend to have the smallest amount of space.

Easy Peel - As the name suggests these are very easy to remove from the bottle. The huge benefit of this option is it doubles the amount of space available to print on because both sides are printable.

Magazine - The most spacious label you can opt for. Magazines can include up to 32 pages, each of which can be printed with a lot of information.

Specialist - Sometimes size and a lot of information is not the only way to stand out. Special labels are available that achieve this very effectively. They can include colour changing ink, glow in the dark ink, or even scratch and sniff.

What style suits your goals?

Every business has a unique set of aims. Luckily they can choose the right label to suit them. For example, if you simply want to promote your logo a standard label may be all you require. Alternatively, if you have a competition or a lot of information to provide you may want to use easy peel or magazine.

Waterspring works to support each and every business in achieving their marketing aims. That is why we offer such a wide array of options for own label bottled water. We can provide advice as well as recommendations if you are unsure about what kind of product to opt for. Simply get in touch with us if you need any information or want to place an order.