Signs you aren't drinking enough

Everyone knows that feeling of thirst on a hot summer's day, and all you want is a nice ice cold bottle of water. It probably turns out you are already dehydrated, as the average adult human requires about 2 litres of it a day to stay at a good level of hydration. It sometimes can be difficult to track how much you have consumed though. While we specialise in making promotional bottled water for our clients, we also care about their health. So here are some signs you may need to drink more.

One of the main signs to look out for is dry eyes and skin. If you experience more dryness than usual this suggests you need to hydrate. Along with this, having dry mouth is a very obvious sign you aren't drinking enough. This is a problem many people experience as they tend to opt for a sugary drink. Waterspring can provide your business with promotional bottled water so your customers have a healthier option.

When dehydrated you may experience a headache; this is due to an increase in blood pressure and not enough oxygen getting to your brain. Water is important for carrying oxygen to your vital organs. Drinking more will help to reduce the risk of headaches.

Additionally, if you feel fatigued this is a sign of dehydration. Water helps invigorate muscles and gives us strength day to day. Drinking the right amount of it will prevent the feeling of fatigue.

Whether you're a business looking to design your own promotional bottled water to help staff be healthy or to promote to a new audience, Waterspring can provide you with fantastic products. We are creative with label and bottle designs and ensure that all water comes from a high quality spring right here in England.

If you would like to find out more about our products and how you can make the best use of them please get in touch.