What benefits come from branded bottled water?

Branded bottled water is a flawless method of getting a brand's message out there. A number of businesses benefit using this kind of branding and marketing, and it's also brilliant for giving value to your customers. So what sort of results would you expect from using this strategy?

Customers will appear healthy minded

For a lot of people, appearances are everything. Branding bottles of water is a simple strategy to help make a statement relating to your company - that you value your customer's health. It is wise to consider what kind of water and packaging to opt for in order to show the right message.

Potential savings

Many businesses spend most of their money on marketing strategies such as radio time, Tv and physical adverts, and internet advertisements. But, how effective are these when compared to branded bottled water? Bottles are very mobile and can be placed in various locations. When people take one they could carry it with them and may even re-use the bottle. Both will spread your message more effectively. There is also a direct benefit to the target audience.


If you choose to bottle your water in glass bottles or recyclable plastic, it will show your customers you have an eco-friendly approach. This will therefore make them favour your water over other brands.

Taking on board the above points, the strategy could increase the number of customers interested in your business. This can be due to them recognising your business as being appealing and attractive. Ultimately your reputation will benefit and you could see a rise in income too.  

Branded bottled water is a great strategy for promoting your brand message. Choosing Waterspring to help implement it will mean less expenses paid on other forms of marketing and more creativity in terms of the labelling. We can work with any size business and always focus on delivering the best possible result.

If you would like to try a new marketing strategy for your company, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.