Are glass bottles the optimal choice for storing water?

Any business that sells or supplies water needs to ensure that their supply comes in a suitable container. This is where we come in; we are a leading provider of own labelled bottled water, working with a spring in Herefordshire. We offer fantastic products, including our supreme quality glass bottles. They come in 330 and 750ml variants, and are perfect for establishments like restaurants and hotels.

Glass is a widely utilised substance that has tremendous recycling potential and comes with a myriad of environmental advantages. With the rising number of individuals who are taking universal concerns like global warming more seriously, brands are being forced to think about the influences that their packaging has. If the wrong materials are used, a customer's purchasing habits can be negatively affected. With this in mind, here are some of the reasons why glass bottles should be employed to store your water.

To begin with, glass aids in lowering environmental impacts. Despite its level of thickness, glass is able to preserve its strength. This reasoning alone is why manufacturers everywhere are deciding to lower the amount of glass that's utilised to create their bottles. By adopting this approach, bottle production has less of an influence on the environment, making the process more ethical whilst keeping the customer's recognition of the merchandise's quality the same.

The other thing about glass is that it can be recycled various times without losing its calibre or durability. Aside from diminishing costs, recycling also maximises natural supplies and lowers waste. In the UK, recycling rates for glass range from 50-80%, meaning that there's a huge opportunity for consumers to recycle. Such acts enable establishments to make contributions to the environment, generating a sustainable ethos at the same time.

Glass is excellent for maintaining the quality of the products that are stored, whether it is water, alcohol, preserves such as jam, or oil. The material protects against outside contaminants and other elements that could alter the taste and freshness of the product.

At Waterspring, our glass bottles come complete with metal caps and are available with silver foil, pp, or clear labels. A minimum order quantity of 500 bottles exists, so you should be well stocked no matter the number of reservations you make.

If there's anything you'd like to discuss with us about own label bottled water or why you should choose glass, please contact the team.