Plastic vs Glass

Before the invention of the plastic bottle, most were made from glass. Plastics gained popularity because they were cheap and manufacturing could be completed quickly. Use of glass didn't cease completely though because the material is durable, elegant, and offers a number of benefits. At Waterspring we offer promotional bottled water in bottles made of both materials and understand the advantages each offers.

First off glass is far easier to clean than plastic and can be quickly sterilised in boiling water. This makes it better for re-use and hygiene. It last longer than its alternatives too, and is easily recycled. All of these combine to make it better for the environment.

Glass can be considered the best choice for the storing and drinking of liquids as it offers a more purified taste. The material doesn't affect the flavour of water in the bottle in any way because it is made from natural materials which are chemical free.

Plastic bottles have some big advantages in their low costs and flexibility. They are also durable and lightweight, offering some huge benefits when it comes to shipping and storage. Although glass is more environmentally friendly big improvements have been made in recycling plastics and most types can now be reused.

When you come to choosing between glass and plastic for your promotional bottled water, keep in mind what aesthetics you need and your other requirements. That way you can ensure you make the right choice. Take the time to look at the big picture, thinking what the bottles will say to your target audience.

Waterspring can give you as much information and advice as possible on which option is best for your brand. We have a lot of experience and have worked with businesses from a wide array of industries over the years. As a result we know all about the promotional benefits the bottles can offer.

If you require our services, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.