Ideas for promoting with bottled water

Promotional bottled water could really help your business to stick in the minds of prospective customers. The bottles are something that can be taken away, enjoyed, and maybe even reused. If the label is eye-catching and includes your business logo, colours, and some vital information, you could see some great benefits.

If you are unsure how you could promote your business with bottled water here are some fantastic ideas.

Leave them in the reception for guests

First impressions are very important, especially if your business is in a highly competitive industry. A free bottle of water on arrival could help to make guests feel welcome and comfortable. It will also ensure your brand stays in their mind.

Charity runs or walks

Supporting charity events is great for businesses and shows your caring side. By offering branded water you can help participants to stay hydrated and make a positive impact on the community.

Trade shows

If your business attends trade shows why not enhance your promotion with bottled water featuring your brand? How many other opportunities will attendees have to get a drink? You may also find yourself with some time to make your pitch or talk to people while they are enjoying a drink.

Company meetings

Making refreshments available during meetings is really important. It makes guests feel welcome and more at ease. If the bottles of water have your logo it will also make a much bigger impression.


Just like the charity events you can also offer promotional bottled water for events you sponsor. If it is things like sports teams you could even have the team information on the label alongside your logo.

As you can see there are plenty of opportunities available. Your business could enjoy fantastic returns as a result, enhancing your reputation. You can be creative with label designs and ensure the bottles stand out.

At Waterspring we give clients the chance to choose their own promotional bottled water. We offer numerous options and work closely with businesses to help them make the right choices. The water we offer is high quality, coming from a local spring in Herefordshire. We cater for orders of various sizes and always strive to offer a fast turn-around.

To find out more, or for further ideas of how you can use bottled water in your promotional efforts, please contact us.