What benefits do custom labels offer?

The fine details can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to promoting a brand. Hotels, health clubs, restaurants, wedding venues, and numerous businesses from other sectors can make a great impression by offering own label bottled water. Instead of bottles displaying leading brands that people already recognise why not design unique labels and choose cap colours to promote themselves?

It is surprising how big the impact can be when you offer a guest or client a bottle of your own water. This is especially true when the water itself is from an English spring renowned for its quality and taste. When they pick up the bottle they won't be able to avoid reading the label, especially if the design is eye-catching and something they have not seen before. This boosts brand recognition

Custom labels can make a business look classy and elegant, especially if the design is sleek, clean, and professional. Alternatively they could add an element of fun if that is the personality of your brand. The choice is yours and the only limit is your imagination.

With own label bottled water it is easier to position a brand and ensure that people remember it. This will prove to be even more successful if people can take the bottles away with them at the end of an event.

At Waterspring we create custom labels for businesses all across the UK. Our design team is creative and professional, delivering excellent standards. There are plenty of options to choose from, including both glass and plastic bottles in a selection of sizes. Each of them can be emblazoned with a brand to make it memorable.

The water we use is from a spring in Herefordshire. Customers can choose still, sparkling, or even add hints of fruit flavours if they wish. As a result they can offer fantastic beverages with labels that promote them.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch with the Waterspring team.